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System Access Request (SAR)
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WEBVLIPS System Access Request

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Read our Privacy Act Statement before completing this form.
SARs are processed immediately upon receipt although delays may occur because of backlogs or a pending request for a sponsorship letter for contractor requested SARs.
Per DLA policy, a user sharing their user ID and password with another person(s) constitutes a security violation. Improper identification of a user, such as identifying a contractor as a Government employee, is also a security violation. Upon detection of these situations, the client administrator will revoke the user's access immediately and conduct an investigation.

By submission of this System Access Request (SAR) you agree to comply with all DLA system policies, including the DLA Rules of Behavior.

Fields marked with an * are required.
* Please check if you are a United States Citizen: Yes     No
* Are you enlisted in the US Military? Yes     No
* Are you under contract to a foreign government and
   working on the behalf of that foreign government? Yes     No  
Requestor Information:
* First Name:    MI:    * Last Name:
* Complete Name and Mailing Address of Duty Station (NO Abbreviations):
   * City:     State:
   Province:     * Country Code:
   ZIP + 4:
Office Symbol:
* Category of Activity: Contractor
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Telephone Number (DSN)
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* Telephone Number (Commercial)
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* Official EMAIL Address:  
DoD/DLA Standard Login ID:

If you work for DoD/DLA and do not have a DoD/DLA Standard Login ID, you will be required to obtain one from your Security Officer.  

* 9 digits of Social Security Number (Required):
* Verify 9 digits of Social Security Number (Required):
This form requests that you provide your social security number. The U.S. Government is authorized to ask for this information under 18 U.S.C. 1029, Access device fraud; Executive Order 9397 (SSN); and Executive Order 10450 (Security Requirements for Government Employees).

Your social security number is needed to keep records accurate, because other people may have the same name. The primary use of the information on this form is for review by Government Officials to determine and verify that you have the appropriate security clearance to obtain access to the requested data. The last four digits of your Social Security Number is a request field in our Access Control Tool. This field allows us to verify your identity if a reset is required or a problem occurs with your account.
  Contract Number:
Contract Beginning Date:  (MM-DD-YYYY)
Contract Ending Date:      (MM-DD-YYYY)

* Reason for requesting WEBVLIPS:
Security Officer Information:
* First Name:    * Last Name:
* Security Title:
Security Telephone Number (DSN)
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* Security Telephone Number (Commercial)
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   Area Code:    Number:    Extension:
Security FAX Number (DSN)
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* Security FAX Number (Commercial)
   Prefix:    Country Code:
   Area Code:    Number:
* Security Email:  
Contractors requesting access to must be sponsored by their U.S. Government Contracting Officer (KO) or Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). A SAR is required for each contractor user. In addition to a SAR, the KO or COR must provide a letter on their official activity letterhead that includes the KO or COR signature and KO or COR title in the signature block and the following information:
- Customer Name
- Telephone Number
- Email Address
- Contract Number
- Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code of company
- Contract beginning and ending dates
- Company name, address, city, state and zip code
- KO or COR phone number and email address
- List of data contractor needs to meet contract requirements and why data is needed
- Email Sponsorship Letter to for SAR or Fax to 937-656-3801.

Failure to Submit a SAR or incomplete information in the letter, including signature and KO or COR title in the signature block, will result in further delay.